Raisins are sweet due to their high concentration of sugars (about 30% fructose and 28% glucose by weight). The sugars can crystallise inside the fruit when stored after a long period, making the dry raisins gritty, but that does not affect their usability. These sugar grains can be dissolved by blanching the fruit in hot water or other liquids..[37]

  • The color is good, and the flavor is characteristic of raisins.
  • The color and flavor is reasonably good.
  • Raisins are rich in dietary fiber, carbohydrates with a low glycemic
  • Raisins are often recommended as a snack for weight control because they help the control of glucose.

Raisin colors vary by their drying process. For example, a dark purplish black raisin or Black Raisin is sun-dried. A light to medium brown raisins or Sultana Raisin is dried under the shade. A golden to bright yellow raisins is dried under shade and is also treated with sulfur dioxide to retain color and is called Golden Raisin or Golden Bleached Raisins. Green Raisin is green in nature but if sulfur is added the color will have a yellowish green color to it.

  • Rich in fibre, raisins help in improving digestion.
  • The color and flavor is reasonably good.
  • Raisins are rich in dietary fiber, carbohydrates with a low glycemic
  • Raisins contain all the essential nutrients that help in building up the immunity level.

Raisin black is a color that is a representation of the color of black raisins.Black Raisins also known as dried black grapes. The black raisins are generally used for many Indian deserts and Rice dishes and Kormas. Many Indian cooks prefer to use the golden raisins for some Indian sweets. They make a great low calorie snack and 2 tablespoons of black raisins can be used as one fruit serving.

  • The health and nutritional benefits of sun-dried raisins range from the classic nutrients
  • The natural sugars of raisins are a great source of energy and come packaged together with fiber and other nutrients.
  • Since raisins are high in potassium and low in sodium this makes them an ideal part of a heart healthy diet.
  • The fiber in raisins, combined with other food from plants high in fiber, helps to regulate intestinal function and proper elimination.

The sultana is a "white" (pale green), oval seedless grape variety also called the sultanina, Thompson Seedless (United States), Lady de Coverly (England), and oval-fruited Kishmish (Iran, Turkey, Palestine).[1] It is assumed to originate from the Levant (Asia Minor), which later became part of the Ottoman Empire.[1] In some countries, especially Commonwealth countries, it is also the name given to the raisin made from it or from larger seedless grapes; such sultana raisins are often called simply sultanas or sultanis.

  • When the nutritional values and health benefits of raisins are considered, “gems” is an accurate name for them. Let’s see how they help our body;
  • aisins, like all dried fruits, are very good tools for gaining weight in a healthy.
  • Raisins have high levels of catechins, which are polyphenolic antioxidants in the blood.
  • For many years, some people have believed that raisins have the power to reduce blood pressure and protect the integrity of heart health

Golden raisins are Thompson Seedless raisins that have been treated with sulfur dioxide and flame-dried. They are similar in appearance and taste to sultanas, although the latter come from a different variety of grape than do typical dark raisins. Golden raisins are typically encountered in the Western Hemisphere, while sultanas are seen more often in the Eastern.

  • Health Benefits of Golden Raisins Soaked in Gin could best ways to reduce risk of heart disease.
  • Cancer is a disease that causing many deaths in world, it is causes over 550,000 deaths each year in USA and making it the second leading cause of death after heart disease.
  • Flavonoid is not only useful in preventing cancer because it also help the body to prevent diabetes especially type 1 that is caused by autoimmune disease.
  • Even we know that raisins and gin tasted sweet, dont worry because both of these ingredients will not promotes cavities and other oral problem.

Munakka is a type of grapes, dried in a certain manner. It is grown mostly in the Mediterranean region of the world. Raisin is cooling and sweet in nature. It is good for health and cures multiple of health problems naturally. Raisin is known as a energetic dry fruit and does not have any side effect but diabetics should not use it without consulting to physician.

  • Munakka is useful to control problem of vertigo (chakkar aana).
  • Raisins or munakka are good for curing any oral problem.
  • If you often face problem of nosebleed (naksir), put 3-4 drops of grapes or raisin juice in nostrils,
  • If you are suffering from dry cough, try this home remedy.

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